Phase III – Are You Ready?

Before moving forward it’s important to meet some prerequisites. Phase I and II offer the most benefits in terms of speed and injury prevention. Before beginning Phase III you should be 100% solid on your midfoot strike. It should take little to no effort and when you revert back to heel striking it should feel awkward. Phase II, ‘Owning Your Knee Drive’, should feel comfortable and controlled; however, it may not be perfect. That’s ok. It could still take a few weeks to feel sustainable. Phase III is all about leaning through the hips (not the toes). Keep the ‘Figure 4’ position top of mind, as its importance evolves from Phase II.
In Phase III you will:
1. Learn how to lean from your hips.
2. Improve strength and balance at the foot and ankle.
3. Maximize downhill running speed through forward lean.