Phase II – You Made It!

Phase II should be bringing you a new found source of speed. There’s no question that at this point you’re running 100% midfoot strike. Midfoot strike should now be the new way you run, and in fact, if you heel strike you should feel awkward. Your knee drive is variable to your speed, while a midfoot strike is constant. Some degree of enforcing your knee drive is forever present. It simply becomes easier to sustain with less mental effort and fatigue.
Before moving into Phase III of this program, you should have completed:
1. BaseSix Bootcamp: Day One through Day Six.
2. Running 100% midfoot strike and feeling comfortable.
3. Feel comfortable with a knee drive and can sustain it without excessive fatigue. Don’t cheat yourself moving forward too soon. Phase I and II offer the most gains. They can help you run faster with less injury. Phase III will begin to tie some loose ends together, discussing how you can leverage gravity for faster running.