How to Get Back in Shape (The Smart Way)

If you’re a runner and ready to get back in shape, please keep reading.

Most runners make a common mistake that leaves them sore and injured — if not immediately, then in the weeks and months ahead.

What’s the quickest way to get back in shape?

Most runners know running provides quick gains in fitness and the most calories burned. This is supported by all the times it worked in the past — only times are different. (You’re *cough* older.)

As time passes, joints, tendons, and muscles lose their ability to tolerate running.

While running might get you in shape fast, if you’re body doesn’t hold up, you’ll end up like the runners who end up in my office for Physical Therapy.

Watch this to learn more and how to get back in shape, while avoiding injury.

Want to get back in shape (and do it the smart way?)

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  • A complete strength guide to help every level of runner get stronger, fix imbalances, and improve their running.
  • Instant & 24/7 access to your strength workouts through the RunSmart App.
  • All workouts designed and used by Physical Therapist and 6X Boston Qualifier, Steve Gonser PT DPT.
  • Zero equipment needed for most programs — which means you can fit them in from home, work, or on the road.
  • Targeted workouts and exercises developed to help runners fix imbalances that cause most injuries and slower running.
  • Programs are self-paced with zero pressure to keep up.
  • Exercises target multiple muscle groups at once and make them more effective and time-efficient than traditional programs.

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