Exercises Runners Should Avoid (And Do)


If you want to get stronger, you should start adding exercises to your program, right?

Well, it depends. Not all exercises are equal.

As a Physical Therapist, I see a lot of runners adding exercises that simply don’t help them:

  • run faster OR
  • prevent injury

If you add strength exercises to your training, you want to be sure they are “runner-specific.”

Runner-specific exercises look, smell, and feel like running. Since they mimic the running motion, they are more effective at preventing injury and improving performance.

Here are the top exercises runners need to stop doing at home and the gym:

  1. Clamshells
  2. Hamstring curls
  3. Knee extensions
  4. Leg press & wall sits
  5. “Abduction” and “adduction” machines

It’s all explained in this video. Also included, what execise can be subsituted to help runners train smarter and improve their running.

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