3 Must-Do Strength Exercises for Runners


Add these to your weekend runs and you’ll be stronger and less likely to get injured.

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—Video Transcript—-
I’m about to show you something that’s included with the RunSmart online trial, which is strength workouts to help you run faster and have a better year in 2019.

I’m gonna show you actually a couple things that you can start doing today, this weekend, that will make a huge transition in your running so that you can run smarter, faster, less injuries, and all that good stuff.

So Happy Friday. I’m gonna go right into it. Real quick, if you want to run faster, if you want to run stronger, if you want to get injured less, you gotta focus on a couple areas, hip and core. Sure, there’s other things to focus on, but your hip and core are the most important things you can do as a runner. So let’s take a look at some exercises you can start doing this weekend. Now, you can use these during a run, after a run, on a day you don’t run, whatever it might be.

So I’m gonna jump over to my computer screen. I kind of segmented out a couple exercises here for you guys to try. This first one, it comes from BaseSix Boot Camp. This is a full 12 workout 6 week boot camp that’s found on RunSmart Online. You can find it. Just for the dollar trial, you can give this a try. But here’s an exercise that I really think would be beneficial for you guys to do this weekend.

It’s the dynamic lunge that is way different because it’s gonna be driving you through upper and lower bodies. This is me talking through this workout. There’s many different variations. I’ll let this play a little bit and show you, but by doing this …

Let’s see if I can pause it here … We’re getting dynamic motion and we’re loosening up the trunk. If you’re someone who sits all day, this lunge is great to get the arms up overhead, loosen up the low back, strength train the hips, strength train the knee. It does a lot of good to do these dynamic lunges. Too often runners are just doing these static things. In this workout, I go to the side, I go to the diagonals, I open up a lot of different things. You do 10 on each side, and they’ll really boost your performance with running.

I’m gonna show you another one real quick. This is a shoulder mobility exercise that includes a lunge. Great, great, great stuff if you’re someone who sits all day. Let’s see, we’re at minute 2 of 33 of a hip strength workout. We call this one Butt Camp because it is huge for glute and hip strength, which is what I’m gonna show you next. This is another exercise that can help you build stronger hips and it involves weights, so this is a great endurance exercise. Let me pull this one up.

This is another program that we have on our site. It’s RunSmart Prime, which is all kettle bell based. This is another 6 week, 12 workout plan. We’re gonna be at minute 12 of 27, so these are pretty quick. Obviously we’d all be rather running. But I have a kettle bell in my hand. Watch me do this dynamic movement that you guys can do. You can do this with a dumbbell if you’d like. Definitely works better for a kettle bell, and in this program, we use 100% kettle bells to build up strength and endurance in runners so it’s a great way to do that. So watch me squat me down. I’m gonna do what’s called a halo around my head. So I go down, and then I’m gonna come up and around, looking at shoulder mobility, and I come all the way back down. It’s got a little lag to it here, but you get the idea. I slowed it down a bit for you. By doing this from side to side, up and around, you’re loosening up the back. You’re getting hip strength, loosening up the shoulders. A great exercise for someone who is sitting all day and … Yeah, sitting all day. That’s all I have to say.

So often runners, when they do kettle bells, they just do the swings, right? You sit back and you swing the weight up and down. This is a great alternative to that because it gives you other things. So in this workout, it’s not 26 minutes of swings. It’s exercises I use with my runners to help them get stronger and faster. If you want to try this one out too, you can click the link above and it’s all included with the dollar trial.

The last thing I want to talk about is core strength, because people, when they do their core, they generally either do just some planking, some sit-ups, and I have a workout that is included in the BaseSix Program. That’s the lunge program I just showed you, and it’s also included in our yoga program, but I’m gonna show you here. I’m gonna make this full-screen. Let’s see what happens. Oh boy. I gotta get out of that. We’ll just go right here. Let’s see, we’re at minute 3 or 26-ish, 27 minutes, full of core. Our athletes hate to love this one, and this one’s tough. It’s called ass in the grass. That’s what our members call it because I’m the ass in the grass making them do a bunch of core work, but watch me do all these different dynamic movements, moving hands. I move legs in this workout.

We do a lot of different dynamic type of movements because as soon as you lift that hand, you have to get a bunch of stability and work through different parts of your body. Now I’m going to the legs and hands, coming out wide and narrow. This is not just a static, boring plank. When you’ve done enough planks, this is how you get stronger by moving dynamically.

Let’s move down the chain a little bit and see what we can find. Oh, I’m taking a little break. So now I’m just kicking one leg out to the side. Dynamic lifts, going back to a plank. A lot of different variations. Let’s see if I can get to the bear position, which is another good thing to try. Stop talking, Steve. Let’s go. One more try if I don’t find it. Let’s see what I’m doing here. Going from a tall side plank down to a small side plank, those transitions where the words are one, that’s where the speed is found.

So when you’re doing your strength training, be dynamic. Use some of these exercises. They will help you get stronger. If you want to get full programs, click on the link above. Just for a dollar, you get access to all the stuff including my training plans, my run form instruction, and a group of a thousand plus runners who are crushing it in 2019 and getting ready for race day. So, hope this helps. Have a great Friday if you’re watching this on Friday, and I will talk to you guys soon. Bye.

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