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Will Your Training Pay Off?

Runners walk into our clinic every day to salvage their training. The cookie-cutter training they found online has led to being either over or under trained. With the threat of not being able to run staring them in the face, we guided thousands of runners back onto the road by providing structured training to run stronger and avoid injury.

The focus of proper training has three main tiers:

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Strength Training

Getting injured sucks. Strength training is the #1 way to avoid getting injured and it doesn’t have to replace your running, either.


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Running Form

Improving your running form ensures that you’ll thrive while others fade. Small tweaks will lead you to chasing down the competition and your next PR.


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Smart Training

Imagine toeing the start line feeling fresh — not flat. The best training plans plot your runs from start to finish, leaving you smiling at the finish.


Starting Your Race – Fresh, Fast, & Not Injured.

Traditional training methods typically focus on one of the tiers above. What I found as a Physical Therapist is that if you’re going to toe the start line FAST and INJURY-FREE, you need to incorporate all three.

Finding and incorporating all three tiers was complicated, that’s why I have developed a training system for you. It’s the same system that has help thousands run faster and with less injury. I want you to check it out!

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A Better Way to Train

Gaining access to the best training principles and training plans has been reserved to the elite and those with deep pockets. I decided that needed to change…

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Steve Gonser PT DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

6x Boston Qualifier

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Hello, Runners!

As a pudgy rugby player in college I only ran if a ball was involved.

That all changed when a friend and I chose to run a marathon. I did what most runners do — I found a cookie-cutter training plan online. Needless to say… my race was awful. It was littered with cramps, cursing, and walking. I was completely under prepared. I got that medal but I knew there had to be a better way.

Applying my years studying human anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation I got to work. What I discovered is traditional training methods actually lead to injuries. The online workouts and training plans don’t provide the guidance to shave 75 minutes from your marathon time like I did after implementing MY OWN training system.

My patients started to find success, too. From injuries that threatened thier running career, to cruising across the finish line with new PRs and hundreds of Boston Qualifying times.

If you’re a runner who’s interested in running faster without training every minute of your life and want to run withoutfeeling beat-up, then I encourage you checkout the training below. Get the training that was, until now, reserved for elite athletes and those with expensive coaches. Get started with a 2-week, $1 trial now.

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What Others are Saying…

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Plans for Life Long Running

Between balancing work, your family, and running, it can be tough at time to fit it all in — even when we see running as the equalizer. Our programs make training easier, can be accessed 24/7 – 365, and are used in as little as 30-minutes per weeek.

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Run stronger, chase down the competition, and stay injury-free while doing it.

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Feel less stiff, more flexibile, and more fluid when training.

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Push through fatigue while others fade with better form.


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