A Proven Plan for Smarter Running

Steve helps runners train and run smarter to avoid injury and chase down massive PR’s.

Better Training NOT
More Training

Between family, work, and life obligations, it can be challenging to fit in training. We found that faster and injury free running doesn’t come from consuming your life with running, but rather by achieving two specific objectives:


Stronger Running

It’s frustrating watching all your friends run while you sit on the sidelines. What we discovered as Physical Therapists’ is that preventing injury comes down to better run form and strength.

With as little as 30-minutes per week, our runners have stayed on the road and out of the doc’s office through our targeted exercises and drills.


Smarter Training

It’s unfortunate to tell a patient that they miss their race due to a faulty cookie-cutter training plan. Most online plans position a runner to be over-trained and injured, or under-trained resulting in slower finish times.

There’s a better way to train and it doesn’t involve expensive coaches. It’s the same system that guided Steve Gonser to chop 75-minutes off his marathon and six straight Boston Qualifiers.

A Better Way to Train

We have helped thousands of runners realize that there’s a better way to train, allowing them to beat injury and show up on race day rested and ready to PR.

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It can get lonely working through a training plan. Our community of rock stars will encourage and keep you motivated from start to finish.


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5K / 10K Training Plans
Half & Full Marathon Training Plans
Workbook for Your Best Race, Ever.
Access to Everything Online 24/7
Private Support Group & Cheer Section
Online Strength Workouts & Run Form Training
⭐ Annual Coaching Call ($89 Value)
⭐ Annual Run Form Analysis ($89 Value)
⭐ Six-Month Run Analysis Follow Up ($89 Value)

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5K / 10K Training Plans
Half & Full Marathon Training Plans
Workbook for Your Best Race, Ever.
Access to Everything Online 24/7
Private Support Group & Cheer Section
Online Strength Workouts & Run Form Training
⭐ Annual Run Form Analysis ($89 Value)
⭐ Annual Coaching Call ($89 Value)
⭐ Six-Month Run Analysis Follow Up ($89 Value)


Running Has Never Felt



Our Tools for Faster & Injury-Free Running

Membership to RunSmart Online includes the programs listed below and much more. Build your next training plan, stream your next strength workout, and improve your run form to become a faster, less-injured runner.


Custom Training Plans

Too often runners are left under or over prepared on race day. Dated and cookie-cutter training plans foster injury and often lead to unintentional walk breaks on race day. Our training plans are completely customized to your goal, allowing you to reel in runners as they fade throughout the race.


BaseSix Bootcamp

Nothing grinds your training to a halt like an injury. BaseSix Bootcamp has one primary objective: keeping you on the road. With 30-minute sessions, this program targets your balance and common strength deficiencies to keep runners on the road and running faster than ever.


RunSmart Yoga

Countless runners feel stiff and tight when they run, ultimateley influencing their ability to run fast and injury free. RunSmart Yoga is a runner-specific yoga routine that aims to not only ease those aching and tight spots, but also develop strength to maintain great run form from start to finish.


RunSmart PRIME

PRIME is a six week, 12 workout kettlebell strength program for runners. Designed by physical therapist Steve Gonser, PRIME will help you improve your balance, strength, and endurance–allowing you to run faster, stronger, and with less injury.

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RunSmart Mechanix

It happens to nearly all runners. When fatigue starts to set in we get a “good enough” attitude. This 4-phase run form training course has helped thousands of runners leverage their natural movement to run through fatigue and surge to the finish.


I really enjoyed the Midfoot Project as each week developed from the previous. The weekly Facebook videos were also really good way of getting questions and concerns quickly resolved.

I am feeling that my running is definitely improving after the Midfoot and hopefully I can start progressing this year.

Paul Rushworth

I really only have positive things to say about the program.

I have been a chronic heel striker for all 21 years of my running career (eek) so to say that somebody like me was able to break that habit and completely change my foot strike over a 5 week period is a true testament to how well you have set up this program!

Shannon Senger

I felt the Midfoot Project really helped dial in my midfoot strike. I had switched from heel striking prior to the Midfoot Project but I was over shooting and landing on the ball of my foot and getting a lot of pain in between my toes. I really thought I had a hammer toe situation going on.

I liked the response of both Steve & Pat via the groups Facebook page, it helped the learning process.

Caren Landrum

Your midfoot project was fabulous.

The content was spot on, teaching technique with drills first, then gradual guidance.

The format was perfect. I loved the weekly goals, videos and the FB live segments. Each tool was different, leading to greater success among runners with different learning styles.

Thanks so much for helping me and all the others. Your program is one of a kind. Keep it running!

Robin Sauter

Thank you Steve! I PR'D by 7 minutes! 2:19:40!!!

Rebecca B W

13 minute marathon PR! I had to fight to hang on for my first sub-4 finish. Loved using Base six in my training and looking forward to more...after I recover.

Ramona M

Ran my B race, Hershey Half Marathon, today at the Sweetest Place on Earth. PR by 6.5 minutes!

David W.

This is my second review of RunSmart Online. I can't speak highly enough of this site and Steve. I became a patient at Steve's PT practice in February 2013. Since then, Steve has helped me fight through several running injuries. I am now feeling better than ever, and running as fast as I was 3 years ago. By following Steve's expert advice, I have been able to run not 1, but 3 PRs in 2014 at various distances (including a new marathon PR by over 16 minutes). I am a tried and true believer in RS Online!!

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Heidi P

Plantar fasciitis can seriously take the fun out of running! I've struggled with this injury for over a year, getting only temporary relief from ice, specialty socks, cortisone, active release treatments, and rest. That excruciating first step of the day was becoming a way of life until I started the Base 6 workouts. The functional strength and balance exercises (workouts day 4, 7 and 8) have effectively eliminated this nagging problem, even while ramping up mileage for my next marathon. And yes I'm getting faster too, posting times I haven't seen in 3 years.

Jim Pustinger

I have been a subscriber to RunSmart's unlimited access of their training videos for just a few weeks. What do I think so far? As a competitive runner, I think it's great source of 'run specific' training information, workouts and exercises. As a new user, my immediate RunSmart goal is to cycle through the RunSmart BaseSix boot camp videos at least three or four times over the next few months. I am certain this training will improve my running strength, balance and form.

Leo Fohl

Great website with great information that is helping me get stronger and to become a better more well-rounded runner.

Tanya Buchko

I caught Steve's talk at the Buffalo Marathon Expo and what he said about balance made a lot of sense to me. I've had incredibly good luck with injuries over the years but I don't want to take my good health for granted so I figured I'd give his 12 videos bootcamp series a try. After getting six days in I can already feel the results and not just by it making me stronger but I also feel faster too.

Christopher Loughlin

RunSmart and Steve Gonser are simply the best way to train! 3 years older than my last marathon- but 20 minutes faster - and heading back to Boston! (Huge thanks, Steve!)The workouts on RunSmart are brilliant and they work. I'm a fan of Day 3, Day 7, Day 12 and Buttcamp. Keep 'em coming!

Jenni P

So happy about my new PR this morning for 5k. Thank you, Steve for your program! It helped a lot! Also, first time I won 1st place for my age group! Photo with the princesses during the award ceremony.

Jean Ray Balangue

Build the plan, follow the plan, trust the plan. Weeks of running in the cold and the dark, balancing on one leg, shaking through yoga and muttering rude words at my foam roller. The result?....5 minutes off my pb and my first ever sub 4 in some of the worst conditions I've run in! Yeah. RunSmart is worth it!

Jonathan Ryan